Xoogler Demo day - Bangalore 2020

If you’ve never been to a Xoogler demo day, or a VC pitch, you will be surprised at the limited time startups have, to make their case. It’s literally like a deal made in an elevator zooming up to the 20th floor building on a Monday morning— You have 4 minutes to hold the mic and announce everything relevant about your company as quickly and convincingly as possible!

At the 2020 Xoogler Bangalore Demo Day, the audience— VC’s, mostly men but dotted with a few women, were seated in front and the other founders lingered at the back of the room. Each team got a clocked and strict 4 minutes to speak about their ventures. The questions followed a pattern— they were short and to the point. Questions like "What is your TG?", "Why is your revenue model", "How is your product different?". "Are your cookies Indianised?".

The Xoogler Demo Day was an experience as much as it was an event. The 10 teams that presented had prepared the previous day, and another run through on that afternoon. What we all found amusing was that in that small room, we had many coincidences. One startup (Kred) was the client of the other startup (Scrybe). Also, there were only four women in total between all the founders teams, and three of these ladies had the same surname!

The companies that presented had something to say about the Xoogler demo day.

  • Gagandeep Singh (gagan@heloprotocol.in) of Helo says
    "I am looking forward to presenting what we are building at the Xooglers demo day. It'll be exciting to show it to fellow xooglers and they're usually very helpful with how to present it better !"

  • Anubhav Jain (anubhav@rupifi.com) of Rupifi says
    "Xooglers as a community is exciting - with the vision of bringing together the entire talent pool that Google has ever produced. Xoogler Demo Day would definitely add value to all ex-Google founders like us by providing a platform to not only share ideas and accelerate growth, but to connect with individuals and build a network which would be super helpful in the formative years of our start-up"

  • Mohita Mathur (mohitamathur90@gmail.com) of Mo's Bakerya> says
    "I feel warm, fuzzy and uncomfortably excited at the same time. My stint at Google was a very special one, one that made me realise what I really wanted to do with my life. It means the world to me to come back to the Google family (xooglers included) and pitch to them something I've built from scratch."

  • Ricky Jacob (ricky@kred.in) of Kred says
    "We hope to be able to get connect with potential investors and partners about synergies, and to be able to get to hear about all the other work done by awesome Xoogler entrepreneurs."

  • Manish (manish@scrybe.ml) of Scrybe says
    "The demo day is a great platform for any early stage startup like us to meet renowned influencers, investors and angels — this can be very valuable for finding mentors, backers and advisors to join our journey early-on."

  • Alex Storey (alex@reomnify.com) of Reomnify says
    "We are hugely excited about the event, in particular the chance to tell our story and to learn from the other startups and attendees. India is an exciting but complex market and we know that we can't succeed without being an active part of the broader startup ecosystem."

  • Ashray Malhotra (ashray@rephrase.ai) of Rephrase says
    "The opportunity to present what we've been building for the last couple of years to so many amazing folks in just evening is invaluable."

  • Adhi Kesarla (adhi@7sugar.com) of 7sugar says
    "Xoogler demo day is fantastic platform for startup like ours to pitch and learn from other Xooglers. While at Google, there was always a sense of purpose in what we did. It was to make the world a better place. Something was not working right you fixed it. The same thing has carried over into my startup. As startups we are prioritising our time constantly and the demo day provides us with a platform to pitch to top notch VC's in one go thus saving us valuable time from knocking door to door."

The other startups that presented were

  • Pooja (pooja@tbdwear.com) from TBD who’re leading the future for ladies office wear e-commerce.
  • Melchizedec Sundararaj (melchi@expertrec.com) from ExpertRec
  • And Nemanja Grujičić (ng@sama.jobs) from Sama

The volunteers did a great job of putting this together. Oh and yes, swag. Swag. How can we forget the great Google swag? You could pick up a t-shirt, a small tote bag for single day groceries, a Xoogler pen and Xoogler stickers. Can’t wait for this next year.

— @nupurdave

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