We are a group of Google alumni and current Googlers who have come together to help each other advance our ambitions in the startup ecosystem. The Xoogler.co community consists of startup founders, early team members, angel investors, VCs, and mentors.

Not a current or ex-Googler? Get involved!

Affected by Layoff?

If you’re one of the 12,000 Googlers who were let go recently please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist. You have a 15000+ Xoogler community to help you. Here are some resources:

1. Add yourself to the #layoffs slack channel and upcoming meetups.
2. We have access to HR/ CxOs of many Xoogler startups and other companies that are hiring now that we can share your details with. Fill out this form for both part-time/ full-time jobs and we'll do our best start surfacing opportunities.
3. Watch this space and your email for support sessions, networking events, job posting and more.
4. Contact us at xoog [at] xoogler.co if you have any questions.


The Xoogler.co community was formed to bring together Google alumni and current Googlers interested in helping ex-Google entrepreneurs.

Please join us to access our global community of members and events to help your startup succeed.

Some of our events include regular meetups about startup growth tactics and brainstorming sessions with founders to address their specific challenges. We also have an active slack group where Xooglers can help each other, a Google Cloud credits program for Xoogler led startups , an angel group, and an investment syndicate to invest in ex-Google startups.

As featured in:


Ethan Beard, Kushagra Shrivastava and Chris Fong are helping Xoogler startups raise capital. Some of the most successful recent startups such as Instagram, Pinterest and Quip have been started by Xooglers. Please join our AngelList syndicate to learn more.


Xoogler Demo Day arises from the wish of investors and founders across the Google startup ecosystem for a better way to connect on very early stage opportunities. These are Xoogler.co marquee events bringing together ex-Google founders alongside helpful investors. Check out the demo days from this year.



As part of the Xoogler.co community, you will have access to our diverse events to help you grow as an entrepreneur or investor. Here is a small sample of events we've held in the past. Signup as a member of the community to receive our monthly newsletter and RSVP for our events.

  • Monthly Growth Hacking Discussions
  • Founder Lunches (Silicon Valley, New York & Sydney)
  • Salons around topics such as FinTech, EdTech and Data Science
  • Angel Investing 101 Seminar
  • Mentorship Pairings
  • Xoogler Angel Fund to invest in ex-Google founded startups
  • Hiring and Managing iOS/Android Developers and Agencies
  • Opportunities in Virtual Reality Panel
  • Taking the Mystery out of VC
  • Fundraising Strategies
  • Grow your app with Google Search and App Developer Products
  • Demand Generation & User Acquisition Tactics
  • Google Play Store Deep Dive