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Google Cloud Credits for Startups

September 21, 2023

Project Description has worked with the Google Cloud for Startups team to extend the Google Cloud for Startups program to Xoogler Founders!

Startups  with Xoogler founders can now ask to be nominated in the program can apply to receive up to $100,000** in Google Cloud Platform and Firebase Credits*, good for 12 months. In addition to GCP Credits, startups in the program are eligible for:

● $500 in Qwiklabs credits to kickstart your company’s hands-on lab training initiatives.
● Google Maps Platform credits for 12 months.
● One year of free G Suite Basic (up to 10 users, new domains only) or a year of discounted
upgrades to G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise.
● $150 in Google Ads credit when you spend $150 (US only, new customers only).
● $150 off Stripe Atlas incorporation and fully waived processing fees for your first $10,000 in Stripe transactions.
● $50,000 in Segment credit for startups with less than $5M in funding and less than 2 years old.

*Credits are available for high-growth, venture-backed startups that are based in an approved Google Cloud territory.
**  After approval all startups will get an initial grant of $3K good for 1 year, and will be incrementally upgraded automatically based on consumption up to max 100K.

– Meet the requirements at
– At least one founder is a Xoogler
– Location must be in an approved territory (

– After you’ve signed up to be a member of, send an email to, include your Google LDAP which will be verified
– After your Xoogler and founder status is verified you will be nominated
– Fill out the application that is sent and the Google Cloud Platform team will respond upon review

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