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Fluxon: Design, build and ship products


Service Description

Who is Fluxon?

Fluxon works with fast-growing startups and tech leaders like Google, Stripe and Zapier to deliver the world’s most innovative products. We bring together strong expertise across disciplines and industries to offer full-cycle product development, from ideation and design to build and go-to-market.

Services offered by Fluxon:

Across product strategy, UI/UX design, and end-to-end development, we craft the team and project to your needs. Speed and quality are the core of great product development. And we deliver both. From strategy and ideation to full-cycle development, we build an expert team around your needs so you can launch faster and with peace of mind.

Product Strategy:

A strategic vision to define your product’s unique value and successfully bring it to market.

Full product Builds:

End-to-end custom software development and ongoing maintenance.

Staff Augmentation:

World-class experts to accelerate development alongside your existing team.

UX & Interface Design:

Delightful, user-centric interfaces and experiences designed with best practices.

MVP Development:

Zero-to-one development from idea stage through to launch, iteration, and product-market-fit.

Interim CPO/CTO:

Seasoned product and technical leadership to amplify your team and achieve ambitious goals.

3D Expertise:

Custom 3D assets and polished implementation for Metaverse, AR/VR, and AI products.

Go to Market:

Tailored product launches including betas, user acquisition, and sustainable scaling.

Next steps:

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